How do I go about moving my fonts folder?

I would like to move the entire fonts folder, with all the fonts in it, to another hard drive on my PC and still have all applications recognize the fonts i.e. Photoshop.

How do I go about doing this?
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    Hello mnvikes

    What I can sense from your question is that you want some space on your C: drive to be freed-up. If this is what you want, here's the workaround that you can follow to get the desired results.

    Unfortunately there is no direct way to move Fonts folder from its default location to somewhere else. However, what you can do is that you can move the unnecessary fonts from the Fonts folder and can keep them in some other drive. Then you can install the moved fonts as shortcuts. This process would not move the font files (.TTF) physically to the system drive, but it would instead place a shortcut in the Fonts folder which can be used in the documents as naturally as you would do with the default fonts. This would give you decent amount of space in your C: drive as the shortcuts are very small is sizes and they consume very less (almost negligible) space.

    In order to do this, you can open the Fonts folder either from the Control Panel or by going to C:\Windows\Fonts. In the Fonts folder you need to click the Font settings option from the left pane, and then you need to check 'Allow fonts to be installed using a shortcut (advanced)' checkbox under Installation settings section.

    Once you click OK, you can right-click the desired font that you want to install and that might be placed at any different location other than the default Fonts folder. You can then click Install as shortcut option and follow on-screen instructions to install the selected font as the shortcut.

    Don't forget to log on using administrator account before performing the above tasks, or you might be asked for administrator's username and password when you try to follow the steps.

    Hope that helps.
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