Bought 2nd GPU, psu making a "sizzling" noise when i launch games (bf3).

I just bought a 2nd Nvidia GTX660 to run in SLi mode. It runs fine until i start up a game, i.e. BF3. I heard a weird sizzling sound coming from my computer, at first i thought it was the new gfx card, but when i put my ear up to the PSU i could tell it was coming from there. Now im wondering if my PSU is able to support my 2nd GPU.


Intel core i7 3770k (not overclocked)
Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H (mobo)
16GB(4x4GB) Corsair Vengeance
2xNvidia GTX660 in SLi
700W power supply
3 HHD (1TB, 640GB, 250GB)
1 SSD (128GB)
CD drive
3x220mm case fans, 3x140mm case fans.

Should i get a higher wattage PSU? or just replace current 700w with another comparable new one? My current PSU is probably 2-3 years old, and all the components except for the HDDs are newly bought.
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  1. brand/model of psu?
  2. replace your psu immediately.
  3. Make: Apevia
    Model #: ATX-AQ700W
  4. daswilhelm said:
    replace your psu immediately.

    Would you suggest a higher wattage psu? or around 700-750?
  5. I'd suggest something without "Apevia" written on it

    Ya need 450 watts for the system w/1st card and 140 watts for the 2nd card. 650 watts works, I'd do 750 for if OCing both GPU's and CPU

    XFX Core Edition
    Corsair TX series
    Antec HCG / HCP series
    NZXT Hale

    Corsair HX Series
    Seasonic X Sewries
    XFX Pro / Black Series
  6. i think 7-750w should be enough, just make sure you buy a good one, get corsair or seasonic or other good brands
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