Biostar TA990FXE motherboard Goes straight to a Blank screen NEED HELP PLEASE!!!

I have owned the Biostar TA990FXE Extreme for about 6 months now and was updating from a AMD FX 4170 cpu to the FX 8350 I also installed another 8 gigs of corsair dominator gt 2000 mhz for a total of 16 gigs once I installed the FX 8350 and ram I tried to boot up and it went straight to a blank screen and gives me a mobo error code of 54. Now before anyone says it no the memory is good I have installed all 4 sticks on a asrock extreme 4 990fx along with the cpu and it works fine now I have decided to just keep the fx 4170 in the biostar and buy an 8 gig kit of memory and use for a secondary computer but even after reseating everything resetting the cmos taking the gpu out and checking all plugs I still get a blank screen and a error code of 54. Thanks to anyone that can help with this situation I hate to see money down the drain.
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  1. Hi, Have you updated the BIOS?
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