Cant find manual anywhere need help!

So I am trying to hook up my front panel hook ups for my case to my motherboard which i took out of my old gateway dx4831-01e the motherboard is a Gateway H57M01 Motherboard, M/b MBGAJ09001950018E1Ek00 is i believe the model number. The pins arent labeled for the front panel, so i attempted to use just the power sw panel connector and guess and check which 2 pins it was with no avail, I get the psu fan, and cpu fan to turn for one second, then turn back off and repeat that process over and over again. Can anyone help me with the mobo Labeling of the front panel, or have any tips on what I can do it be greatly appreciated.
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  1. would be best to find a manual.
    if not, just look closer, those pins are labeled. here are some tips:

    for switches, both power and reset, since there's no polarity, it is safe to connect them in any orientation.
    for leds, i believe that if you got it wrong, they just wont light up and just reverse them. as far as i know they wont get damaged.

    just be careful with the usb, esp if the pins are separated, it might burn if you do them wrong
  2. well i currently just disconnected everything but the psu, gpu, and cpu still checking with just the power sw, I looked everywhere for a manual all i can find the user manual with no hardware details, and even looking on the mobo itself it just says Front Panel one. I tried going back to the original case and tracking the front panel cables down but that case has a sort of built in q connector so it wasnt of much help. Btw when just running the cpu, gpu, and psu all fans turn off and on after connecting the power sw to the front panel pins. I would love a diagram of this boards front panel.
  3. Those pins actually look different then mine currently mine is a vertical front panel on the bottom right of the board 13 pins total setup like this

    . .
    . .
    . .
    . .
    . .
    . .
  4. you did not check the link for front panel connector .
  5. I looked at it, but its not setup the same :/
  6. I looked at it, but its not setup the same :/
  7. Why not take a pic of the board and post it.. Make sure it's a good high def picture that clearly shows the connector and any printed tables on the board.
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