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resized partitions in raid 0. computer no longer boots. blue screen

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April 24, 2013 8:25:28 PM

Ive been researching this alot on the web, and have read/seen different things, and still unsure what to do. So now I want to ask here, with exact specifics of my problem

The computer im trying to fix is an older windows XP computer, has the sil 3112a raid controller. there are 2x80gb seagate sata hard drives.
there are two partitions a 30gb and a 120gb. The goal was to increase the 30gb partition to the full amount. The 30gb had the operating system installed on it.
a free partition wizard utility was used (minitool partition resize wizard). It says it supported raid, so I thought it was okay to use. But i suspect this was a bad idea.

The 120gb was therefore backed up and then the partition was deleted. Then the 30gb partition was extended to the full amount within the program. After clicking apply changes, the program restarted the computer. After the computer restarted, all I got was a blue screen (unmountable_boot_volume)

The reason why Im so interested in reverting the changes or fixing the problem is due to the fact that the original 30gb partition still has some files that I didnt back up.

Ive plugged both hard drives seperately into a different machine. Im not a pro with raid, but one hard drive showed a complete unallocated hard drive, and one hard drive had 30gb raw partition and the rest unallocated space. I used testdisk to see if I could do anything with the raw partition, but I didnt have any success. Instead I just imaged the 30gb raw partition, just in case I could do anything with that.

Ive also read that I should try booting to ubuntu, and it should be able to read the raid configuration, and i might be able to access it, but I havent tried that yet.

Sorry if I didnt explain it well, but long story short, I used a free partition resizing tool and changed partition sizes of a raid 0 hard drive setup. now it will not boot properly.

I will answer anything thats not very cloear.

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Best solution

a b G Storage
April 25, 2013 10:18:29 AM

I cannot give you a definitive answer because I have never ventured where you have gone. However, I may be able to provide some insight.

By setting up drives in RAID, your BIOS (or controller card) your hardware sets up how the HDDs are to be read & writtren to. From your description the array was set up in RAID 0. RAID 0 instructs the drives to write (& read) in sequential data stripes utilizing the native disk controllers in alternating sequence to speed up the read/write process.

In RAID 0 data packets are written & read a AABBCCDDEEFF... Each striped data packet is incomplete (and therefore garbage) without its complimentary striped component.

All OSs set up and maintain a Master Boot Record, which is a mapping of where data is to be found on the drive. This MBR is critical: without it the data is garbage.

The OS is hardware neutral: it operates equally well (or poorly) whether the hardware is in RAID or any other recognized hardware storage scheme. RAID provides more speed because it is like two object travelling towards eachother. With each travelling at X speed your effective speed is 2X. The down side is that if either drive fails you're SOL.

Similarly, if your MBR goes down, you're SOL.

In resizing the partition you have either corrupted the RAID striping, or, alternatively, you have corrupted the MBR.

You can try to access the data through Ubuntu, but I think that it is unlikely that you will be able to.

The source of the problem may have been partition wizard, or it could have ben a power surge or fluxuation during the partitiion resizing.

It is likely that the only way to make the drives usuable again is to reformat and/or repartitiion them.