I had to install windows 8 without upgrading from 7. Do I have to reinstall everything?

Today I got a new motherboard and case. After instillation and boot, I updated my drivers. I foolishly updated my mobo bios though. After that I couldn't log in to windows 7, but instead would get a continuous blue screen of death, safe mode wouldn't load either. I must have lost my windows 7 install disk, so I went to walmart and bought 8, and installed it on a secondary hard drive. Is there any way to move the installed games and applications from my other hard drive to the new windows 8 os, or do i have to install them all to the new os.
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  1. you have to install all of them .
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    There is really no way to move app's and game's from one install to another you will need to re-install them.
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