Weird Problem Cpu-z recognizes 8gigs, but windows and bios recognize 4 gigs. 4gigs are for "hardware Reserve" help plz.

Hi I have an
Mobo Asus p7p55d-e pro
This ram
G.Skill ripjaw series 4gb

Here are some screen shots
Resource monitor

Task manager



Looks like the resource monitor says its reserving 4 gb for hardware, (the gray portion)

This is a recent problem, they are all seated correctly and no post errors.

Bios does only recognize 4gb as well

Using X.M.P for these sticks due to 16000 mhz frequency.

Any ideas how to fix this.
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  1. Do you have only one set of those sticks (2x2gb)? or do you have 4x2gb?
  2. Did you have 4gb before and just upgraded? You may need to reset cmos. Is there memory remapping in bios? Check msconfig and make sure max memory is set correctly or not ticked.
  3. I had a similar problem in one of my Machines, turns out one of the Memory sticks had vastly different timings (as the same frequency) then the other ram sticks did, The ram worked, was recognized by memtest and such, but windows would always say 4gb memory reserved while that particular ram stick was installed, removed the culprit stick no problem
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