my webcam light turned on by itself

while browsing the web the little green light indicating the webcam who is active came on,I decided to wave at it and low and behold a message popped up saying " lol" and I replied " what? " then it said " how easy " and " bye"... how do I find the malware and what do I do about this I have children and don't want some creep watching us or even going through my computer
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  1. you could do this and run malwarebytes free for spyware softwares
  2. I have a plastic cover that just fits my web cam built into my Asus 27" monitor that I keep on it unless I am using it at the time. I went to a web site and can't remember which one now but I do remember that after the page had loaded my webcam lite came on and I did not have anything running that should have done it. After that I unplugged the webcam until I found the cover that fit just right. It is just one more thing that you can't trust with computers anymore and especially if you have kids.
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