How do I overclock my GPU

How do I overclock my GPU? (noob friendly please)
How much does it ACTUALLY effect my gameplay?
I have a GTX 660 Ti
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  1. if you can do like this,3279-2.html
    but for safely must +50 core first up up +100 and do test stability the temperature well run at about 66C a piece while gaming and about 70C during a burn in test. and you can check FPS by your self ... good luck
  2. You have a nice GPU.

    You can download a program like MSI Afterburner to aid in OC'ing your GPU.

    OC'ing is a process of incrementally increasing the various things pertaining to your hardware.

    Things like voltages for example.

    I advise you to do some more reading on OC'ing if you haven't. If you do it wrong, you risk breaking your system.

    Also, OC'ing won't necessarily give you any kind of substantial performance increase, while reducing the life-span

    Of your hardware.
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