ASUS M5A99X EVO 2.0 BIOS issues

Just installed my OS and I've noticed I cannot for the life of me enter the BIOS. System boots, runs fine but I press F2 on boot to enter the BIOS and i am greeted with a black screen upon pressing the button.

Is my board borked.? everything else works perfectly fine except me being unable to enter my own BIOS.
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  1. Is the keyboard connected to a USB 2.0 port?
    You can clear the CMOS and the system would work for F1.
  2. keyboard is USB sadly. does it make a difference.? I am clueless.

    I've shut down, removed the pin from slot 1-2 and put it on 2-3, waited 15 seconds, plugged PC back in and powered on with pin back in slot 1-2, and still black screen on bios.
  3. HI there I am currently having the same problem. After my initial boot up I turn the PC off and close my case. But when I booted up again I press del and got a blank screen, same for f2. Did you ever fix your problem?
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