No display - is computer even booting? Help please :)

So, randomly, my computer decided yesterday that it no longer wanted to display anything on my monitor. At first I thought it was a graphics problem, or perhaps the monitor, and I've tried all of the following things, to no avail. There are no beeps. Earlier today it seemed to be booted into windows, as I heard the windows sound through the speakers, but since I started troubleshooting this no longer seems to be happening. All of the computer parts are correctly plugged in and all the fans are running for the cpu, psu and graphics card. I believe I can also hear my hard-drive but not sure. Each time I have tried turning the computer on I have had the speakers plugged in but have heard no beeps.
I have tried:
- resetting CMOS battery
- resetting jumper cables
- moving graphics card to other pci-e slot
- removing ram, turning comp on with only one stick of ram, reseating both sticks of ram (my MoBo has a light that shines if there is a ram error and it is basically telling me my RAM is o.k.)
- holding power button for 1 minute while comp is unplugged
- holding power button 3 times while comp is unplugged
- does not work on second monitor with different monitor cable
- does not work on other dvi connection either (there are two dvi outputs on the graphics card and one hdmi)
- removing the graphics card entirely and awaiting a computer error beep, but there were no beeps
- going through my MoBo manual and reconnecting all of the connectors for the cpu, fan, psu, dvd, hard-drive, and graphics card.
- switching PSU voltage to 220v and back to 115v again

I am beginning to worry that it may be something pretty bad. I built this comp for myself in November 2011, so it really isn't very old at all. Any ideas on what could be wrong???

*I should add there is no on-board graphics card on the MoBo otherwise I would have already tested it :\
In the past I have had this issue but it was always an easy fix like missing the cpu connector or seating something correctly. I have tried all of those things though and no luck. The MoBo is definitely getting juice, it has an LED on that signifies when it is being powered.
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    just replace the gpu itself :) since you did everything you could...
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