New case fans for Lancool K62 what to get ?

Well first of all im looking at changing out the case fans on my lancool k62 but im not sure if what i have is already as good as it gets or if it can be improved my fan layout currently is

Front: 140mmx1 120mmx1 in
Top: 140mmx2 out
back 120mmx1 out

I have done some research into the fans already in my case and most people seem to think they are yate loons im looking at corsair sp series fans but would I see much of a change with them and is there better fans ?
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  1. Are you unhappy with the current fans? And if yes, is it because they're too noisy or because they're not pushing enough air?

    As a general rule, you should always use larger fans since they will usually be quieter and push more air than a smaller fan. If you're looking to upgrade the fans, go to newegg and sort by CFM and noise level. Choose fans with a high CFM and low dBA (noise). You should be able to find some good ones there.
  2. im looking for more airflow but im not sure what fans i have in my case exactly i have heard that they are yate loons or something like that but thats all i know.
  3. Well, given stock values likely only running 45-50cfm per fan at full tilt. A key to air cooling is using thermodynamics to your advantage. In an enclosed space, positive pressure is more effective for cooling. So intake cfm should be at least 10% higher than exhaust cfm for any appreciable result. Be careful on the corsair series selection. There are static pressure (SP) fans and high airflow (AF) Both come in performance and silent operation versions. SP are made for restricive environment use like radiators. AF are made for pure mass cfm movement like case fan. Either are upgrades from yate loon basic fans. Want heavy duty movement but at the expense of noise? Delta is great for that - damn jet engines lol. Bitfenix Spectre Pros and Corsair High Performance AF are good mass movement and a lil loud but not overly. Corsair Silent AF is slightly less cfm and quieter.

    Regardless of fan choice, get the cfm balanced and positive case pressure achieved. Using a fan controller will achieve this nicely too. Example: corsair high performance fans on a controller blanacing power for positive pressure, and in the process using a more powerful fan turned down a bit will produce noise levels similar to silent series, but better cfm than the silents
  4. Budget?

    For a balance of airflow and silence @ around $10 you should look into Gelid Silent 12/14 fans.
    For a balance of airflow and silence @ around $20 you should consider the Corsair AF/SP or the Noctua fans.
  5. completelyrandomname said:

    For a balance of airflow and silence @ around $10 you should look into Gelid Silent 12/14 fans.
    For a balance of airflow and silence @ around $20 you should consider the Corsair AF/SP or the Noctua fans.

    where are you finding those prices? where i checked the gelid are lower performance, less longevity bearing type and only $2-3 cheaper than the corsair series
    unless you meant the 12-10 series? GELID Solutions FN-SX12-10 120mm Case cooler

    These fans are on of the if not the best fans for a balance of noise and airflow. Static pressure is decent for installing them as intakes where the hard drive cage restricts a massive amount of the case's airflow.

    Tator Tot over at has done extensive testing on a plethora of 120 and 140mm fans. Unlike many others he knows what he's doing (not saying that other people/sources are bad by any stretch of the imagination).

    Corsair's SP are on sale I think at NCIX as well. Those should be a good buy.

    EDIT: Forgot the Overclock link:
  7. Well here is what im looking at getting

    1 noctua a14flx on the front
    1 noctua s12a on the front

    and leaving the stock yate loons on exhaust 1 120mm on the back and 2 140mm on top.

    Edit: I keep seeing a lot of people say that there are better choices than the noctuas but they never really say anything to support it. Are they really inferior and if so do these newer models fix the problems the last gen had ?
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    Get Noctua A14FLXs and call it a day.
  9. completelyrandomname said:
    Get Noctua A14FLXs and call it a day.

    Yep thats what I did
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