suggest cooler plz!

hello i have this coolermaster rc-333 midi , and it has a shroud on the left side panel. Could u suggest a cooler costing about 15-20 dollars, for AMD fx 6300 plz that can fit???
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    your case is Dimension (W / H / D), (W)203 x (H)413 x (L)486 mm

    hyper 212 add $9 dimension 122 x 92 x 160 mm
    hyper 212 plus 120 x 79.7 x 158.5 mm (L x W x H)
    very good cooler
  2. henydiah said:
    hyper 212+ add $9 dimension 122 x 92 x 160 mm
    very good cooler
    your case is Dimension (W / H / D), (W)203 x (H)413 x (L)486 mm

    damn the prices here in greece are way higher.. look

  3. your link is hyper 212 evo not Plus.. but performance not different too much
  4. oh yes sorry. the one u suggested doesnt exist here :/ but i will look for one with the dimensions u gave thnx!
  5. hyper 212 evo dimension is 120 x 80 x 159 mm (4.7 x 3.1 x 6.3 in) .. more fit
  6. yes but it costs 35 bucks :/
  7. health for the sake of a little difference in price, I do not think it should be a problem :D cool
  8. try this one if you can find it at a cheaper price. well to be honest hyper212evo (not plus) is your best option (performance wise...)

    xigmatek gaia, cheap and nice and easy :)
  9. the link OP forom german not newegg
  10. yeah big differences in prices!!

    Oh btw i dont need it for overclock! but if its easy maybe i will do some (never done OC )
  11. I don't know about Greece but do Amazon do any cheap shipping there? I'm from the UK and they posted stuff out to Spain for free. They also seem to be about the best price for the EVO hich I shall be ordering for my mates PC.
  12. yeah it may come free, but still no credit card :/
  13. save some money and it's better to be patient :D
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