2 graphic cards (amd radeon hd 7420g & amd radeon 7610m)

so i recently bought a new computer, acording to the specifications my laptop had dual graphics,
a amd radeon hd 7420g and a 7610m and it said that there was 1024 dedicated memory, so after i bought it i installed a game and i noticed that the perfomance was quite low, so after i went to the amd engine control center and noticed that my computer was using the 7420g and that it had only 512mb of dedicated memory, but in my advanced resolution settings it says that there is 1536 mb of dedicated memory, so my question is what do i do to make the games run the 7610 graphics card?? i tried using some app I found on the computer to use the
high perfomance graphic processor but it doesn't seem to affect my fps, so how do i use the 7610m graphic card because i know its better for gaming than the other one



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  1. it will still be slow
  2. That's not a very fast video card, depending on the game and settings it will be slow on the other chip.
  3. there is no way that a 512 mb radeon 7420g is slower than a 1024 7610m , my friend has a 7610m on is laptop and his games run smother than mine
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