Must go through UEFI setup to boot OS

EDIT: The problem is partially solved. I tried unplugging the SATA DVD drive and now the system boots just fine. Does this mean that that the DVD drive ist busted? Is it normal for a faulty DVD drive to have this effect?

Every time I turn on my PC it halts at the screen first boot screen thingy (this one: )
It just stays that way and nothing happens. If I press F2 and go to the UEFI setup (this thing: and simply exit, the Windows boots just fine. The problem first started a few days ago when I set the PC to sleep mode, which didn't work so I had to force it to shut down with the power button. What could be the cause of the problem?

One related thing might be that my DVD drive has disappeared. The ''open drive'' button doesn't work and it's nowhere to be seen in the device manager either.
EDIT: I don't know when this happened. I barely use the drive so it might have been months ago or a few days ago.

Another older problem that probably isn't related, but might be: Windows 7 has installed the same two updates again and again for the last few months and never recognizes that they are installed. They are KB2742595 and KB2789642.

My setup:

120GB A-Data S511 2.5" (6.4cm) SATA 6Gb/ MLC asynchron (AS511S3-120GM-C)

8GB (2x 4096MB) G.Skill NT Series DDR3-1333 DIMM CL9-9-9-24 Dual Kit

1024MB XFX Radeon HD 6870 Dual Fan Aktiv PCIe 2.1 x16 2xDVI/1xHDMI/2xminiDP (Retail)

ASRock H61M/U3S3 Intel H61 So.1155 Dual Channel DDR3 mATX Retail

Samsung DVDRW SATA 22x SH-222AB bare / black

Intel Core i5 2400 4x 3.10GHz So.1155 BOX

500W Fortron FSP HEXA 80+ retail
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  1. Disconnect the DVD drive, check that your boot drive is first in the boot order.
  2. baddad said:
    Disconnect the DVD drive, check that your boot drive is first in the boot order.

    The DVD drive was behind the SSD in the boot order. I disconnected the DVD drive and that worked. Removing the DVD drive from the boot order also seemed to do the trick. That made the DVD drive work within the OS. I guess the problem has been solved, even though the root of it is yet to be found. My GPU randomly peaking while the computer is idle is however pretty annoying. I guess I should start a new thread about that? (After I try a few things first of course.)
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