ocz agility 3 vs samsung 840??

The 120gb ocz agility 3 is 90$ on newegg and the samsung 840 120gb is 95$ on amazon. Which is better? Ill be using it for boot and some games like bf3 and far cry 3. Thanks!
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  1. The Samsung 840 is the better drive. It is also the newer drive.
    The OCZ Agility 3 was released in May 2011. The Samsung 840 was released on October 2012.
  2. Yeah, Samsung 840 is considered to be todays best line of SSD, assuming you are not interested in the Crucial M5 1TB.

    You get a newer drive and more GB for basically the same price.
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    after having fretted over the same question over the past 2 hours, I decided also to get the Samsung over an OCZ. Why?

    1) The OCZ disks have a relatively noticeable amount of upset customer reviews on various e-commerce sites, people complaining that their drives lock up. I researched this and it looks like it was mostly due to funky firmware, which they seem to have fixed now. see my post

    2) The samsung is a year newer. Some experts seem to shy away from newest stuff due to no long-term track record, but I trust that 7 months without a ton of bad reviews across sites is saying something.

    3) between the cheapest offers I could find I noticed how either shipping or taxes always end up making the final price nearly as high as going to some big retailer with free shipping options.

    4) I was looking at a refurbished OCZ, and I'm not usually afraid of that, but: I'd rather pay $20.- more and have no hassles than spending Sunday afternoon recovering from data loss and dealing with RMA's, even if I have a full warranty and/or extended service guarantees.

    5) when poring over benchmarks, the OCZ sounds faster, but I don't think anyone will notice any real-life difference between these, unless all they ever do is copy video files from one place to another or some such.
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