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Hi, I will be changing my GPU soon or definitely this year. I'm currently using a 7770 Ghz Edition. My question is, will 1GB be sufficient for upcoming games? I play my games at 1366x768 currently due to display limitation. Club 3D 7850 Royal King Edition is in my range which costs 195$ while Gigabyte 7850 OC 2GB costs 240$. Does more Vram justify 45$? I will be shifting to a 1080p screen. Tell me between these two since I don't have variety in country I live.
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  1. 2gb which is 45 bucks more isn't a good price it should be about 20 dollars more. Also if you are looking for a graphics card for 200 bucks best go with a gtx 660
  2. ^+1

    Makes no sense to get an HD 7850 unless it's the 1GB version - If you're shifting to 1080p, the GTX 660 is the cheapest you should go. It's a good 15% better than the HD 7850.
  3. For 1080 gaming you'll want 2Gb and a GTX660/HD7850 would be good, but GTX660TI/7870 or 7870 LE would be better.
    And what are the rest of the system specs? It would be pointless pairing a fast graphics card with a slow CPU or trying to run the upgraded system off a weak power supply (make and model).
  4. My specs are:
    Core i3 2120 3.3ghz
    Corsair 4gb DDR3 1333mhz
    Gigabyte H61
    Cooler Master GX550
    Samsung 160GB HDD

    It's a decent setup for someone who isn't a hardware enthusiast and overclocker.
  5. 7870XT was available for 260$. It's currently out of stock as they have stopped manufacturing it, so I've heard, the Club 3D version. I can look into a used one if GTX 660 is what I should be looking at.
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