IE and Chrome not working, Firefox works.

Hey guys,

I'm having a weird problem today where IE and Chrome are not working. I know they share the same Internet options so that's obviously a link. Firefox works perfectly. My Steam client won't display any pages because it also uses IE settings.

Anyway, I was told to open IE to ensure that the proxy server option isn't ticked, which it isn't. When I click on "Diagnose Connection Problems" it comes up with "windows could not automatically detect this network's proxy settings". This is what confuses me as Firefox is working perfectly.

I've tried:
- Resetting IE to default settings
- A quick scan with Malwarebytes
- ipconfig /flushdns
- Resetting my router

When I try "net stop dnscache", it says "The DNS Client Service could not be stopped".

Starting on Tuesday, I had an issue with my Internet that took 2 days to resolve. During this time, I edited and changed a lot of things as well as using a lot of command prompt commands.

I wouldn't usually care if IE isn't working as I don't use it but the problem is obviously stopping Steam working as it should.

I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. My router is BT Home Hub 2.

Sorry if that description was all over the place. I can provide more details if needed.


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  1. 2 things to try...

    #1. Flush ALL of your cache, DNS etc...
    #2. Reboot.
  2. I managed to fix the issue. I had a backup registry file from all my tests yesterday. I merged it, rebooted and everything is up and running again.

    Thanks for the response.
  3. No worries. Glad you got it straightened out...
  4. ignore
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