16gb 1600mhz RAM doesnt run in m15x Alienware?

Hi. I got 16gb (2x8) memory as a gift which I tried to install on my Alienware m15x (bios version a07). As you can guess, that did not work. BIOS doesnt recognize the memory, and when I try to booth the system nothing happens.

Version of the bios is a07
Alienware m15x with i7 cpu, 2.64ghz
Vengance CMSX 16gb 1600mhz
OS win 7 64bit

From what I have read on different forums, m15x should downgrade memory from 1600 to 1333, but in any case it should be able to run it.

If someone knows what I can do to fix this issue I would be for ever greatful.

Thanks in advance, frustrated designer from Sweden.
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  1. There are some questions that need to be answered because you didn't tell us everything.
    What CPU model do you have? You said it's an i7 so is it Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge?
    What did you have for ram before you bought this 16gb?
    Do you have the ram in the correct slots on the MB according to the MB user manual?
    What is the brand and model of the ram that your trying to install?

    The ram that you need to have for that laptop is DDR2, so if you have DDR3 ram it won't work.

  2. I found another review that states that the laptop you have has a maximum capacity of 8gb of ram and that may be why it won't work. The laptop is an older model and it's diffacult digging up info on it, do you have an owners manual that could verify what the maximum amount of ram is?

  3. Upgrade the bios to A09,
    CPU must be quad core, i7 720qm or greater.
    DDR3 is what mine uses @ 1333mhz. Some say 1600mhz is supported but I haven't tried it, I haven't had a problem with 16gb using an i7 820qm at 1333mhz in my m15x and whilst Intel don't explictly say it supports 16gb the support information from them leaves a caveat for OEM specific configurations thus 16gb is usually fine.
  4. Sacha is right ! just upgrade the bios ... i had the same issue
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