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What will give me better performance?

Hello i'm building a budget gaming pc but I don't know what combo to get, which will give me better performance?
AMD A10-5800K + Radeon 6670
AMD Phenom ii x 965 + Radeon 7770
Please answer.
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    Second one.
  2. +1 ksham
    and add a ssd if you got any spare money at least a 120 gb for windows
  3. In terms of GPU power, you can hybrid crossfire the A10-5800K with the Radeon HD 6670. in terms of CPU performance, the X4 965 is slightly better than A10-5800k at stock speeds, so you're better off with the A10-5800K.
  4. AMD Phenom ii x 965 + Radeon 7770
  5. Phenom II + HD7770. And, at least for now, Crossfire is broken.
  6. Thanks for the answers guys.
  7. Thanks. I hope you don't mind; I switched the B.A. to the guy who said it first.
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