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as per my needs, I've got ASUS AMD HD RADEON 5450 1GB GDDR3.
Its default configuration was 650Mhz.n 450Mhz for gpu n memory clock respectively. I overclocked them to 840Mhz. n 820Mhz, is this too much for a low end n more often HTPC card? well arkham series at fine settings r working like a charm without glithes. fine fps. Max gpu temperature on 100% load is 67-70C. normally 55C. at idle 45C.
plz someone speak to me.
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  1. Sounds fine to me. If it's stable, not too hot, and the voltage is still in the safe operating range, than you are good.
  2. max voltage 1.100. min 0.900
    avg 0.966
    so how much heat can it accomodate with my small 3 X90mm fans (1140 rpm) (1-intake 2-exhaust).
    shall i install an AC/cooler in my room?
    is seems stable at medium.settings, even prototype 2, darksiders 2, arkham asylum run superbly.
    nfs the.run (limited.edition) at fine setting seems.a bit laggy
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