ati 7750 for i5 2500k on 420watt psu

i have an core i5 2500k with 4gb ddr3(1333mhz) on an intel mobo dh67cl
my casing is cooler master elite 370
now my question i am going to buy ati 7750
my psu which comes with the casing is 420 watt can handle ati 7750 ?
just for testing purpose i used my friends gt 440 for like 1 hour and there was no problem
resolution would be like 1440*990 on medium or ultra (depend upon game)
can my psu handle ati 7750 ?
and how this card will performe on my pc
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  1. Yes, you can run a 7750. It will pull less power than the 440 you already tried.

    It will be a very good video card for the resolution you listed.
  2. and what about the 1080p resolution ? with medium settings ?
  3. The PSU can handle the card.
    HD 7750 works on 250W-300W PSU.
    HD 7750 is an entry level card and does not require a power connector.
    Just plug it in and enjoy.
    The card will perform well on that resolution but don't expect to run all games at maximum settings.
    It should handle most games at mid-high settings.
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    That's not a very good PSU, but it will suffice for a 7750. It has 16A on the +12V rail which gives you 192W to work with where you need it. That is enough to run the 55W TDP 7750.
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