I wanted to get a 64gb Crucial M4 ssd to use just for the software so I can have faster start-ups, but I also wanted to have a Western Digital Black Caviar 500gb drive that runs at 7200rpm for my regular memory like games, videos, and other stuff. Hopefully this can be setup in the Bios of the first start-up of my pc. If anyone has a video on youtube on how to set this up or even a detailed walkthrough then that would great fully help a bunch. Thanks
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  1. yes this is what everyone does. install ssd, put windows on it, install hdd, put all your crap on it.
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    plug in the ssd as the only hard drive

    install windows then connect the 2nd hard drive

    couldnt be any simpler
  3. No video needed. Aside from a few settings (ACHI, TRIM, hibernation, etc), the PC sees the SSD as just another drive.

    Just like having 2 spinning drives, except way faster.
  4. This also answered one of my questions lol. Thanks guys
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