Found Older Case, Good for First Build?

I found a Jeantech Aqua case at my old job. I got the case for free and has older stuff in it which ill probaly replace totaly. The mobo is a Asus m2n-SLI deluxe, i might keep that, but Im thinking starting with this case will save me money. And give me a chance to learn during my first build. Are there any unseen problems i might run into using an old case such as this?? thanks
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  1. The case & the mobo are a good start. good wiggle room with parts selection. Gaming rig ?
  2. Look for mouse droppings or dead bugs.
  3. Yea i want it to be a gaming rig, it has athlon x2 in it, and a 1000w silverstone PWS, no bugs or droppings just dust. You think i should stick with the mobo tho? It looks fine i checked for any damage anywhere it looks brand new. and I knew the kid that left it behind he was pretty into gaming, so i think he took good care of it. whats the best CPU I could slap in there? If Im good on the case and mobo I have more money to spend!
  4. I dont need the rig to be blazing fast or anything but Id like it too be very fast for surfing and normal activities and moderate gaming rig. Also I want this to be and exp builder for my next rig which I plan to drop in some money.. Down the line of course
  5. Support AMD® Socket AM2+/ AM2 Phenom FX(2000MT/s)/Phenom(2000MT/s)/ Athlon 64 X2 / Athlon 64 FX / Athlon 64/ Sempron
  6. Save the case, PSU, DVD, any hard drives to use as secondary storage.
    Replace everything else. MB, RAM, CPU, graphice.
  7. With the newest BIOS you can put a Phenom II X4 945.

    Would be a good moderate gaming CPU.
  8. affroman112 said:
    With the newest BIOS you can put a Phenom II X4 945.

    Would be a good moderate gaming CPU.

    Ok but i have no idea how id go about that with the computer in front of me in pieces.... could i boot it with the athlon 64x2 thats in it and update the BIOS?
  9. Yes you can. Just looked through the manual ( I used to have this board, its at my parents now). You can put the new BIOS on a flash drive and use an update utility from within the BIOS. This is what I did a couple years ago. You will need the latest beta BIOS 5001.
  10. awesome thanks man, time to start messing around.
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