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My Buffalo TeraStation from 2006 finally went bad, after hours on the phone with support it was deemed inaccessible. I was told I could remove the drives and connect them to another computer using an enclosure to copy the data to another location. This isn't working. Windows disk management sees the drive but will not show up in windows explorer. I've tried on my windows 7 laptop and my XP desktop. Please help! Thank you.
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    What RAID version are you using? If RAID-0, then your data is probably gone for good.If RAID-1 then you should be able to attach either one of your HDD as a stand-alone drive. If however the RAID failed due to disk failure, then you you are stuck trying to get data off a failed drive.

    Wish I had better news..
  2. what sort of raid was it?

    ie--striped ,mirrored etc
  3. if it was mirrored and Windows disk management sees the drive you might need to initialise it
  4. There are utilities that can sometimes reconstruct the raid set and get you access to the data like usfexplorer and Raid Reconstructor. Both offer free trial software to show you if it will work for you or not. I cannot vouche for either of the programs as I've never had to use them. Always remember that you need to have your important data backed up and not just in 1 place.

    edit - you would only need these utilities for raid 0 or 5. Raid1 isn't stripped - its mirrored so all you data exists on each individual drive. If either drive works then you can get access to all your data.
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