Best budget modular PSU?

I'm building a new gaming PC. Still can't decide what parts I want but for now I'm thinking of an intel i5 2500k with an AMD 7770.

Cannot decide on a PSU? How do I know how many watts I need? Also more importantly, how much is a fully modular PSU? Is it worth the cost? It is my first time building a computer and all the wires scare the heck out of me.

What advantages and disadvantages does fully modular come with? Would you recommend a modular? Lastly, how many watts do I need for a build like this? I'm planning to upgrade possibly 1-2 years in the future to a more powerful video card and possibly processor as well.
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  1. fully modular means its easier to keep the cables tidy

    for future upgrading a good make of 750w--corsair,seasonic etc should cover you including overclocking

    try not to skimp on the psu as its the most important part of your pc really
  2. Corsair CX430M, CX500M
  3. A good 500W unit will be perfect.

    Modular PSU Pros and Cons

    -You don't have to hide the wires somewhere
    -Gives a 'cleaner' look to your build

    -Usually the modular version of the same PSU costs a bit more
    -You need a way to hide the cables
    -Not so 'clean' but I have seen people make it look extremely clean

    In the end it's up to you. If the PSU you are looking for has a modular version for only a couple dollars more I say go for it. Usually people don't need a modular PSU unless you don't have very good cable management in their case.

    There is a replacement CPU for the 2500K, it's the 3570K.
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    You'll need around 500W but a little more would be nice in case you want to Crossfire or SLI down the road.

    Get this:

    or if you can afford it, get this:

    Skip the Corsair CX series unless you are on a super tight budget.

    Here is a list that breaks the various units down in terms of quality:
  5. The case is more important than a modular psu to get nice clean wiring. Fully modular are very expensive. When most people talk about modular psu they mean semi modular. Semi modular will have at least the two mobo power connecter attached. Some will also have one sata power cable attached because that the minimal cables used and some may have one pci cable attached also amd maybe a molex cable too. A case with at least one inch behind the mobo tray and well placed holes on the tray to pass cable thru and place to tie down cables will make the wiring look neat.
  6. I guess i'll go semi modular. For a case i was thinking the coolermaster haf 912. Is that a good case and does it have removable mobo tray and good airflow?

    As for PSU, I guess i'll go semi modular. I just don't want a completely non modular sine it looks like medusa's hair is on the back of the psu!
  7. The 912 is a nice case with good airflow. I don't think it has a motherboard tray though. Also, it doesn't have front USB 3.0 ports if that matters to you.
  8. The Corsair 200r for the same money as the Haf 912 has way better cable management. Go to youtube and check the reviews.
  9. Goodeggray said:
    The Corsair 200r for the same money as the Haf 912 has way better cable management. Go to youtube and check the reviews.

    Or the 300R which is one sale for the same price right now:
  10. If you want to spend alot more money (My guess is you already spent it since it's an old Topic) The Antec 900 has excellent cooling with 2 120mm fans on the front in front of the 3.5inch HDD slots. It ends with a side panel + Fan, a Massive 200mm fan on top. And it is the standard ATX Mid-Tower case size for about $110. It also has a 120mm fan on the back next to the upper regions of the Motherboard (where the PS/2 ports go) and A tray on top. Blue lights are fun too (super bright and lights up my room so I can't sleep with it on almost :D This can hold 6 3.5 inch drives. + a Side window (rather large.) So if you have the money to go for a premium then this IS the Case. (it's made almost all of steel and I plan to keep it until it splinters into a million pieces or gets nuked.)

    Wow I feel like a salesman after writing that...

    Don't forget it's DEAD silent.
  11. Full Modular

    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks

    Power Supply: OCZ ZT 650W 80+ Bronze Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply ($59.99 @ Newegg)
    Total: $59.99
    (Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available.)
    (Generated by PCPartPicker 2013-12-03 22:39 EST-0500)
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