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Speedstream 5100 ADSL Modem (not 5100B model)

April 25, 2013 4:17:03 PM

Does the Speedstream 5100 ADSL modem need a driver update,
for running on Windows 7 ?

I have the PDF manual for this old DSL modem, and it only includes
Windows XP. No info on Windows 7 installation.

I'm helping a friend who has a laptop with Windows 7.
Her old 2-Wire DSL modem for AT&T (10 years old) burned out,
and no lights come on.

I can't get her AT&T DSL service to work with her Speedstream 5100,
that a friend recently gave her. I ran IPCONFIG, and used Quick Setup
option in the modem.

Then I entered her AT&T DSL account name and password.
Still no Internet connection. IPCONFIG shows the IP addresses
for all lines in the displayed answer.

Need a good solution ! No DSL service for 2 months.