New build pc, did show screen, now it will not?

Im 15 and i just built a new pc for gaming, it booted up and i installed windows and my MoBo drivers then i put in my XFX drivers disk and it said i did not have any XFX product, i turned the PC off and now when i turn it on i can hear windows boot but there is no picture?
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  1. Verify your connection from your video card to your monitor.

    Your monitor should have one cable connected for each computer you want displayed on it. There should never be more than one cable to a single computer, but a single monitor can display (not at the same time) information from 2, 3 or more monitors at once.

    Most systems have video output for the integrated video, if you built a gaming PC you should also have input for the add-on video card. Make sure you have a single cable connecting your video card to your monitor. All other cables except power should be removed from the monitor.
  2. Sorry, im new to this and i don't really understand what you mean, do i need to turn of my intergrated graphics and if so, how? Also im using an old monitor, im not sure what the cable is called but it is blue and has to screw things on either side
  3. The blue connection is called D-Sub, DB 15, or VGA.

    Is your blue monitor cable connected to your computer directly? Is it near the top outside edge of the computer (by all the USB / mouse / keyboard connections) or near the middle of the computer. If the answer is yes and near the top, then you are connected to your integrated graphics. Integrated graphics should automatically turn off once an add-on video card is detected

    Most gaming video cards don't directly support VGA and come with a converter. Locate the converted and connect it to your video card, then connect the monitor to the converter.

    DVI to VGA converters
  4. Can you list your pc parts?
  5. My pc won't detect the graphics card, it says "you do not currently have an XFX product installed" or something similar. I have the xfx 7850 2gb core edition.
  6. Also, the screen did work, then i turned it off and now it doesn't
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    I can only help you if you read the information posted and answer the questions, then tell me the results of tests that were asked of you.

    Restating your problems again don't help me help you.
  8. Very sorry, my cousin has been asking all these questions. Our PC is fine -_-
  9. I'm glad your computer is working properly. Have a great day!
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