Installing Windows 2003 Server on RAID 1

I am currently reinstalling Server 2003 to a Dell PowerEdge 1950. there are no sata drives only 2 SCSI drives setup With a RAID 1 configuration OS was installed but somehow got corrupted. So I am reinstalling the OS, When I go to reinstall the OS it says it cant find a hard drive. Am I missing something or can I not reinstall with the Raid Configured with a previous version of windows on it any help would be appreciated thanks in advance for the info.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Are you prompted at the start of the installation process to press F6 to install specific disk or RAID drivers?
  2. you need to download the Raid driver from Dell's site and install as mentioned above. during the Windows install, you should be prompted to install said driver using F6 key.
  3. I am trying now thanks for answering.
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