Connect xbox live account when playing pc games?

Hi, so basically I want to know if I can use my xbox live account on pc games. What happened was, I made a switch to pc gaming last december. I still played some console games, such as battlefield 3. Eventually though, an update was released for bf3 which required 3gs of memory that my hard drive didn't have. I was too lazy to delete shit and stopped playing. But out of temptation for experiencing awesome graphics I just bought the game for pc today. Unfortunately, I really don't feel like having to lose all my armor and customizations. I just wanna know if I can connect my xbox live account to the game somehow. I know it worked with GTA 4 a while back.

Thanks for your time.
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  1. Install games for windows live... login using your xbox account... that should work...

    if it doesn't... reply :D
  2. That only works if you download the game through the xbox marketplace. I've already bought the game twice and I don't want to do it a third time.
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