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Yesterday I got home from a doctor's appointment and went to turn my desktop on. I noticed it kept rebooting. I would cycle through the bios/asus logo and would almost get to the windows logo and the bam it would shut down and reboot. I tried taking off the cover to investigate what had went on. I keep getting an A2 code on the motherboard which is an IDE detect code. Ive tested the graphics cards, RAM and I cant figure out for the life of me whats wrong. I will leave my specs below can anyone please HELP ME!!!!

Specs :

CPU : Intel i5-2500k @ 3.30ghz no overlock
Mobo : Asus Maximus V gene
HDD : 250 gb Seagate, 500 gb western digital
Ram : Gskill ripsaw 2gb x 4
Video Card : Geforce XFX 285
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  1. Try pressing F1 during the splash screen
  2. I pressed F1 and it still keeps doing the reboot. I think my son may have messed with something and now I cant figure it out.
  3. Try plugging the monitor cable into the mobo display port. Check the other end is tight in the monitor.
  4. My monitor doesnt havent an hdmi display port and I do not have any other monitors to hook it up to to test it. Ive tried everything I can possibly think of. I thought it was the graphics card so I took an old one and put it in and its still doing the same reboot thing. Ive tried switcing ports on the graphics card etc.
  5. I'm at my wits end over here. I've switched ports for the graphics card, cycled ram out and the mobo recognizes the HDD. Ive read that the Asus maximus v gene is having problems with nvidia cards. Would a bios cause this? If so why would it work for months and decide to start doing this now.
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