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I have built a new computer and the Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 motherboard is not recognizing any hard drive I have attempted to plug in. I have done all the usual troubleshooting techniques, different ports, new cables, different settings, etc. The drives do not show up in the BIOS. I refuse to believe all the drives are dead. The main drive is a Samsung 840 SSD and the others are mechanical drives. The CPU is an AMD FX-6100, G.Skill 16G DDR3 1866 memory, Corsair PSU CX750M.

The optical drives are the only devices that show up in BIOS.

Any suggestions????

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    Do you know the power connectors work?
  2. Does the OS see the drives ? Formatting needed.
  3. Someone Somewhere said:
    Do you know the power connectors work?

    I feel as stupid as they come. I have tested and tested and tested and all along it was a dead port on the PSU. I knew it would be a simple fix, just not for me apparently. Thank you for pointing out the obvious. And for ur6beersaway, I could never make it to the OS, due to the fact that without somewhere to install, I was stopped.
  4. Set OnChip SATA Type (SATA2 0~SATA2 3 connectors) to AHCI.
    Connect the drive you want to install the operating system to on Port SATA2 0.
    Connect the optical drive to Port SATA2 4.
    Set the BIOS to boot from the optical drive first.
    Install the operating system setup DVD in the optical drive and restart.
    Select LOAD DRIVER.
    Load AMD SATA AHCI Driver
  5. Other tips:

    1) Update MAIN CHIPSET and other relevant drivers from motherboard support site (exact model and Windows version)

    2) Update VIDEO DRIVERS

    3) Update SSD firmware and overprovision (Samsung Magician)

    4) Read through your motherboard manual carefully (lots of little things-> Fan control, proper RAM placement with 1 or 2 sticks, some SATA ports don't properly support DVD drives...)

    5) I'd be surprised if you had to preload SATA drivers to install Windows 7/8 but I'm not certain. It's far, far less likely with Windows 8.
    If your SATA power connections are all wrecked you can get a MOLEX->SATA adapter though perhaps you're returning the Power Supply.
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