Mouse problems since 4PM. Ugggggh

Good evening everyone,
I wish I would of found this site at 4:01PM. I'm having trouble with my USB non-wireless mouse after downloading a new USB driver via Drivermax. I'm currently using an old PS2 mouse to write this post. I updated 25 drivers over the past week, so who knows what could be doing this. Could be a bad host controller or Texas instrument 1394, or whatever else it downloaded prior to the new USB drive. I had no trouble until today when I downloaded the new USB driver, and then rebooted. No more USB device. It wouldn't recognize it. I removed Drivermax using Revo Uninstaller. I scanned my computer in safe mode with Malwarebytes, and it came back clean. I tried to find my Nexxtech NX2 mouse with 'Add Hardware' but it would only find my PS2 mouse. Only 3 of the 5 USB ports make a noise when I plug in my USB mouse, but the caption says it can't find the hardware. I tried Intel's driver update utility, and it didn't have any updates, nor did microsoft update. I tried the majority of these things in safe mode, including Malwarebytes. In device manager, there is no yellow exclamation point for anything, but I'll bet there is something in there blocking the mouse. I went out and bought a wireless mouse an hour ago, and it recognizes it no problem, but it won't work. It says that its working, but the arrow goes nowhere.. I've tried multiple ports, the batteries are in the mouse, and its turned on. So according to the computer, everything should be working? I couldn't get system restore to work either? Any suggestions?????
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  1. For future reference, dont use a 3rd party piece of software to update your drivers. Use Windows Update to do it, or do it yourself. Not even sure what it would find to have installed 25 new drivers for you. Id do a fresh install of Windows and not use software to do what you should be doing. Dont trust those types of apps.
  2. Generally the saying "don't fix what isn't broken" goes for drivers.

    Rollback the drivers for the USB controller, or go find new chipset drivers. Get them from intel (assuming an intel chipset, if not then AMD).
  3. Do you have a recent SYSTEM RESTORE point? If so, roll back to it.
  4. I ended up having to reinstall Windows XP. I appreciate everyones help.
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