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Hey guys, I'm pretty newbie at monitors and displays but im good with computers so I can learn pretty fast. The problem I have right now is that I would like to set up 3-4 monitors/projector on my computer (they are a few years old and im not sure about the models, they are also different brands, im also getting 1 new monitor).

In my computer I have an AMD radeon 6700 series card that has hdmi, dvi, and vga. I have a monitor and projector hooked up to it right now and they are working fine, but i'd like to add 2 more monitors.

Im pretty sure I can connect another monitor to the hdmi port and have it work fine, but there are no more ports on the card. I do have other ports on the mobo, which I am trying to use but it is not detecting the monitor. I am wondering if there is a way to "turn on" the integrated video and have that monitor work.

I also hear that the 3rd monitor has to be display port (not sure if this is true) can someone explain this? and is display port just another video transfer like vga, dvi?

Sorry for the long post, also if its not possible to do it otherwise, could I get a 2nd video card and do it that way?
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  1. Check the MANUAL for the card if possible. It might only support TWO screens but I'm not certain.

    Not exactly. You can add a second card and more monitors/projectors easily for $30 or so if you want a separate program for each display. If you want a SINGLE desktop spread across multiple screens, a SINGLE card for three screen or gaming on multiple screens then it's more difficult.

    Integrated Video:
    Older motherboard are EITHER onboard or dedicated. Some newer ones support both at the same time. Probably not what you want.

    It appears that simply buying an HD6450 would solve your problems (consider fanless):

    *I'm not certain, but I suspect you can only get TWO of these outputs working at a time but see the manual that ships with it. For 2xDVI use HDMI output with an HDMI->DVI cable or normal DVI cable and HDMI->DVI adapter.

    This extra card should now give you FOUR TOTAL outputs (including current card) with different combinations of HDMI/DVI/VGA.

    If you have 32-bit Windows avoid getting too much Video RAM. 32-bit Windows can only address 4GB without workarounds. That's not just your physical RAM STICKS but also VRAM. So if you had two, 1GB video cards you're no down to just under 2GB of that physical RAM you can actually use.

    I don't think you get full audio out of the HDMI on the 6000 series. I believe there's an onboard chip to decode certain audio codecs but that it can't replace a sound card for all sounds (unlike my GTX680).
  2. thanks for the reply. The card is a 6770, if that helps, and im not doing any gaming on these computers at all. So if I connected 2 monitors to the current video card and just got another one with 2 ports, and the right adapters, I should be able to set up 4 monitors right? and its 64-bit windows 8. As for the audio its not that important because I don't do any editing or that sort of work.

    Another question, if the 2 cards are not set up in crossfire or connected together, is it possible to use nvidia and radeon in the same computer?
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