Trying to decide between two builds, any thoughts?

Looking to buy a new system. I've done some research and have built these two options but am having a hard time deciding between the two. Keep in mind that the build is based off prices/sales here in Canada. The PS leaves room for dual Vid cards in the future.

Carbide Series 500R - Case with good fan placement
Enthusiast TX850 V2 - 850w modular PS
Vengeance LP 2x8GB 1600mhz- LP ram for the CPU cooler
SSD 520 Series 60GB - Intel async SSD for OS
WD RED 2TB 64mb - HDD
NH-D14 - Soild air CPU cooler
GV-N660OC-2GD - Best bang for buck Video card

The only thing that differs is the CPU/Motherboard. The AMD saves me ~150$ and comes with preset to OC to 5Ghz sounds beastly! I have always been an AMD guy but have been wanting to give Intel a shot and see the difference.

Core™ i7-3820
- or -
M5A99FX PRO R2.0

Is it worth the money? i've heard great things about the i7-3820...

I primarly game, but also use it for a varity of other hobbies, VM's, compiling ect.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.
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  1. What's the build for? If it's gaming, I pick none of the above.
  2. That 3820 build would be my choice between the 2 options.
    Very solid plan with very good parts.
    you should see great performance without stressing the CPU.
    A good read on CPUs
  3. Any reason for the SB-E and not IB?
  4. Not in particular, but figured if i was going for it i may as well go all the way. IB would be a good way to close the price difference I guess. but the 3820 had some realy nice numbers on the reviews i read, lots of room to grow into as far as gaming is concerned.
  5. It's definitely a good CPU, but most would probably advise to get a i5-3570K and use the savings to upgrade your GPU.
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