Random crashes, black screen no post?

Just now i have been experiencing random crashes where everything cuts out, my skype call i was in ends and other applications show no signs of still running, the screen goes black and my monitor goes into sleep mode. The weird thing it my PC is still running, all fans lights etc, except there is no response not even a BSOD post therefore i have to force shutdown.

I am completely stumped as to what is causing this or why it is happening, any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Jake.
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  1. Run MEMTEST. This sounds like it could be a RAM issue.
  2. Oh yes, i have had problems with ram recently i'll do that now.
  3. It will take a WHILE. Probably best to run it overnight. You want it to run 3-6 passes.
  4. I would be thinking power supply related or high temp. Open the side of the case and see if it still happens, might just be time to clean the dust out. This type of thing is very often power supply going bad. Try removing and resetting the power connecters to the components.
  5. I doubt it's my psu as it is only about 6 months old at most, temps don't get high enough for a crash but i am well due for a dust clean of my cpu cooler and gfx cooler.
  6. What PSU and GPU do you have?
  7. fsp aurum 650w 80plus gold and MSI gtx 560 ti
  8. Still sounds PSU related to me. With the MB still getting power (The weird thing it my PC is still running, all fans lights etc.) but the video output dead (the screen goes black and my monitor goes into sleep mode). What you describe is the as if the power to the video card is shut down. Can you please try to power the card using one of the other rails? Even under full load you draw about 285W for the card so I do not think the PSU size is the issue. So please try removing and resetting the card in its' slot and as before doing the same for the power to it. Do you have any spare components available to swap in and out?
  9. A lot of people have been having problems with skype, you might need to update to suit your OS. Windows 8 Skype needs a new install so you'd need to uninstall your current skype if it is not already a Windows 8 version.

    Even if your OS is Windows 7, Skype seems to be interferring with other apps that are also opened.
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    Lol its not a skype problem but thanks for the reply ^

    I fixed the problem, my ram overclocks had been failing and i had forgot to reset the voltages and clocks back to stock, after i did this i resteated the modules and my computer started up fine.
  11. I just thought I'd mention it (about the Skype) and see if there was any feedback. Thanks for the update and happy computing. :)
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