GTX 670 Triple Monitor Setup


I'm just wondering - I have a 4GB Asus GTX 670 and I want to run three monitors.

I want it so if I drag a window to the top (to make it go fullscreen) - it doesn't go accross all three monitors.

However, in some games, i want it to be read as one display for some games playing nvidia surround.

Otherwise, I want to be able to game on middle screen, and have outer two for steam chat and google (etc.)

what is the best way to make this happen? cheers
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  1. Run the game in windowed mode
  2. okay, and when I want to run a game accross all three?
  3. You will have to set it up to run full screen then. I run with triple monitors as well on a gtx titan and I find that if you double click on say a window like windows media player at the top it will maximize just to that screen. Hitting the maximize button though will spread it across all three displays but only show the video in one which is kind of pointless. Browser windows work normally though. Games are tougher that way so you will have to manually setup each game inside the game as either full screen or windowed mode to get what you want.
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