Boot Issue with OZD ibis HSDL

I currently have an OCZ Ibis HSDL SSD that my operating system is installed on. I also have two Velociraptor hard drives striped and installed as a second hard drive. When I restart my system, I get a blank screen with a blinking prompt. I turn the system off, disconnect the Velociraptor hard drives and my system boots perfectly with only the OCZ ibis drive connected. I've tried changing the sequence in my bios with no luck.
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  1. Which SATA port are you plugging the drives into? Port 1 will always be the default OS on your board. Plug the SSD into port one then see if your MoBo has any designated no boot ports for the stripe. Have you set up the stripe correctly or did you have it set up as a stripe before and assumed if you just plug them in they will work in Raid0? Make sure the HDD priority is set in your bios, not the boot priority, the priority HDD the one your PC is going to be looking for the boot.ini file in.

    Some system specs would help too.
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