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I just acquired a lenovo thinkpad t400 refurbished with Windows 7 on it. I tried booting it and it wouldn't get past "starting windows". I tried putting the windows 7 disc in and got a c000021a error before it got anywhere. I put another hard drive with a working install of windows 7 and got the same thing. I put a blank harddrive in and started to install xp on it. It crashes about half the time trying that, but even after it starts installing, after the first reboot I get "a diske read error occured. Press ctralaltdel to restart.

Any idea what the problem could be? I upgraded to the newest bios update at some point in the process.
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  1. Have you tried testing your memory?
  2. crinkdude said:
    Have you tried testing your memory?

    I ran two passes of the Windows 7 disk memory test and got back no errors.
  3. When you say you acquired the laptop, do you mean you just bought it or someone gave it to you? As for the 7 install, was it a clean install? Give more details :)
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