Where to plug in 1394 Cable?

I am new to PC building and have been confused for hours on where to plug in my 1394 cable. I read the manual for both my motherboard and my case and the only information i got was to not plug it into where the USB goes. Here are the Motherboard and case I am working with.

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  1. Nowhere, that mobo doesn't have any 1394 connections.
  2. Yup it only has a USB 2.0 plug for your case. K1114 is right your mobo doesnt support 1394
  3. the motherboard do not have a 1394 connector this is for fire wire ,you could use something like this if you wnat to use the firewire connector from the case http://www.ncix.com/products/?sku=33870&vpn=SD-LP-VT3F&manufacture=Syba&promoid=1513 but before you buy do you realy need it .
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