Two 5850 and Battlefield 3 FPS

I have two 5850's running in crossfire and in Battlefield 3 multiplayer on default High settings I'm only getting 60-70 fps. With one video card running I'm getting 40-50 fps. How do these numbers look to you? High or low? The reason I'm asking is because my cousin has a computer with slower equipment and he says he's getting 60 fps on Ultra settings. Sometimes it seems like the game is running smoother with just one video card, even though the fps are slower.

Main comp stats:
i7 2600k
SSD 1- Operating system
SSD 2- Battlefield 3
Sapphire and XFX 5850's
16gb Corsair XMS3 RAM
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    Seems about right, crossfire isn't going to scale 100 percent
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