Deleted my OS, have wrong format on hdd, can't install new one. Help

Hey, I was trying to install a windows 7 on my new computer (down from 8 which pc came with) so I formated my SSD hdd where the old OS was and after that, I tried to install it there, and it says the format on my HDD is wrong. Says its GPT and can't use it. Tried to reinstall windows 8 again. Same problem.

I don't get the option to change format on the HDD during install, just to delete and change size. Please help me out. Got the computer 3 days ago. :(
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  1. Can you attach the SSD to a different computer running Windows 7? If so, you could convert it to MBR. That way you should be able to install Windows 7.
  2. I know this thread is well old but I just had same problem on my Windows 10 install so someone might find useful. I just deleted both partitions and then created a new drive and allocated it all the space. It then let me proceed by creating the drives/partitions it needed.
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