Asus x79 Sabertooth setup questions

I'm currently in the process of building a new system for the first time in about three years. One thing I'm rather daunted by at the moment is what drivers will be necessary once I have hardware set up and the OS installed. I'm expecting to installed Win 7 Pro x64, but the sheer number of weird drivers that ASUS provides on their website. I know it's better to download drivers direct than use what comes on the CD in the box, though.

I'm putting together a system with the following. These are the parts I think that are relevant to the mobo drivers:
  • ASUS x79 Sabertooth
  • Samsung 500GB SSD
  • EVGA GTX 680
  • WD 2T platter HDD

Overall, I'm curious about:

(A) which motherboard drivers to I want? Which should I avoid? Some look incredibly unnecessary based on the name (Do I need "Intel(R) Management Engine Interface" drivers? Do I need "Intel Rapid Storage Technology enterprise driver software"? Is there a non-enterprise version of that I should look for?). I'm also not sure if getting the drivers from ASUS's website is the best idea. Are there better sources for these drivers (i.e. Intel directly, or other parties)?

(B) when setting this all up, is there a preferred order of driver installation for best performance and stability?

(C) I've heard the x79 Sabertooth really struggles with RAM. What's the best way to test the memory stability before I even install the OS? I'm used to using Memtest+, but I've been out of the system building game so long, I'm not sure it's still the best.

Thanks much in advance for any assistance!
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    1) You need install the drivers:
    Intel® Chipset driver from intel.

    Intel SATA controller driver from intel. Download the "" and unzip to a USB. I add the link for how to install it during install win7. In that step 8, click on "Load Driver" to install it because you use the SSD. Also make sure you connect the SSD to the intel SATAIII port too.
    SATA (
    Install the SATA driver.

    Intel LAN driver from intel.

    GPU from
    You may need the adobe reader when you open the download site.

    USB driver, Audio driver from asus website. Other utilities if you want.

    2) After you install the win7, install the chipset, LAN, audio, GPU and antivirus, then you can go online to install the win7 update. In this point you can make a backup of win7, either build-in backup or other free backup program like from WD.
    Acronis True Image WD Edition Software.

    3)You can test them by pair of RAM, install 1st pair to see you can boot the PC or not, if you can do the same for next pair. After that test the all RAM using the Memtest+.
    4) When you install the win7 on SSD, you make sure only connect the SSD and DVD, not other HDD. After done the installation, you can connect the 2TB HDD. And Also you need Tweak to Optimize SSD Performance, you can google it even they are old but they work well for the SSD.,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.45645796,d.dmQ&fp=4e5c15bf36078722&biw=1280&bih=867
  2. Thanks an absolute ton. This is a great help, and I really appreciate all your assistance.
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