Making a wireless bridge through WiFi not Wired LAN

Hi All,

I have a tower server and a NAS (very quiet, and hidden under my desk) in my bedroom where the wireless router is located.

Then one day I decided to buy a $190 2U rack-mount server from Ebay just for testing, however, I found out that noise is extremely loud, hence I decided to move it to the living room.

But the problem is that I don't want to take a LAN cable all the way from my bedroom to the living room.

Bedroom Room (Wireless Router) --> Wired --> 2U Rack-mount Server

Is it possible to use another router and get the signal off from the Living room's router and use a wired connection to the new router itself?

Living Room (Wireless Router) --> Wireless --> Another Router --> Wired --> 2U Rack-mount Server

EDIT: Thanks for the reply! Does any router with bridge mode works? There are several very cheap routers that do support bridge mode, or does it have to be a specific type of bridge mode?

Thanks All
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    Some routers do support bridge mode and can do EXACTLY that.

    I remember seeing it in some netgear units.

    Furthermore, Any router that supports DD-WRT(they have a good list of supported devices including the generally cheap WRT54G(and the l version) from linksys) can do it.

    Check this out.
  2. If you go to the main DD-WRT website, they have a list of compatible routers and then buy a cheap one, soemthing like a Linksys E series or go with a powerline setup.
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