Data Migration from 750gb HDD to 240gb Intel 520 SSD: Quick help/Check?


I just want someone to quickly check over these steps and comment if anything is missing from here or if something wont work...

I'm going to install a 240gb Intel 520 SSD into a new Asus G75VX (with Windows 8) and keep the current 750gb HDD as a storage device (and C-Drive Backup)
Will this work?:

1. Install SSD into second slot of laptop
2. Start computer as normal.
3. Use Ease US Partition Master to shrink C drive down to about 150gb
4. Use Intel data migration software to migrate OS to SSD
5. Shut down laptop and restart to finish migration process.
6. Shut down again and start up into BIOS
7. Change the boot order from 1.ODD 2. HDD 3. SSD to 1.ODD 2.SDD 3.HDD.
8. Set the Sata Mode Selection to AHCI
9. Save everything and exit
10. Enjoy new SSD speed on next startup and keep old OS as backup on HDD
(11. Enable TRIM, S.M.A.R.T etc. to optimize for SSD)

Will this work without issues? Did I forget anything? Will having 2 /C Drives confuse the computer (My biggest fear)? My first time getting a new computer in 6 years and will be keeping for 6 years, so its pretty important.... please!

Thank you for your time!
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  1. 1: backup your laptop.
    2: Make the necessary changes to windows & registry so that you can enable ahci in the bios. You may need your chipset ahci driver for optimal speed. You can also see if the fix it button on MS's page works for you.
    3: reboot to make sure it works.
    4: backup the laptop again with the new config.
    5: defrag the hdd to prep for shrinking the volume. You may need to delete the swap file & hibernation file to accomplish this.
    6: shrink the volume.
    7: clone the drive
    8: reboot into the bios and change the boot order. save and exit.
    9: expand the volume to fill the rest of the ssd if you wish.
    10: make necessary OS SSD optimizations.
  2. Thank you!

    If my laptop's Bios is already set to AHCI, then I don't need to edit the registry of my laptop, right?
    And if it isn't in AHCI mode and I can switch it to AHCI mode within the BIOS without errors, then I also wont need to edit the registry, right?
    Just want to make sure....

    Thank you very much again! :D
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