Need a better video card

Hey everyone, I'm currently looking to upgrade my gaming system and for the past couple years its looked like this:
AMD phenom II x4 965 Black Edition
8GB G.skill RAM
500w PSU (non-modular)
MSI GTX 550ti slightly overclocked
Asus M4A78XTD EVO for the mobo

I think it's time to upgrade the graphics card to something a bit newer, looking to spend around $200ish USD on the card and saw that a Radeon HD 7850 might be a good pick, but will I notice a significant increase in performance or would I be better invested in potentially a new CPU?
Thanks in advance for any and all responses.
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  1. - 200$ After rebate. It will blow 550TI out of the water.

    You may need to purchase a new PSU, can you type the specs & brand of your PSU here?
  2. one of my systems i have was identical to the one you have aside from the power supply everything was the same. I switched my gtx 550ti to a diamond 7850 and the performance increase is insane. the 550ti is a joke of a card when compared to the 7850, though if i were to buy again now that i know how awesome the card is i would have bought 2 7850's or a 7870 even. 550ti is a decent card if your not too concerned with playing on medium settings. One final note is that the 550ti is the first and last nvidia card i'll buy because over the course of a year i had 2 of them fail on me. when i buy amd products they last forever, i have some dusty old 4870 builds in the garage that still hum like the day they were made. amd > nvidia simple as that and i think you'll be more than happy with the results a 7850 or 7870 will give you.
  3. Thanks for both of your answers, in response to Chromic my current PSU is I've had it for around 6 maybe 7 years now and I figured I would need an upgrade at some point.
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