what kind of cooling should I get?

To be honest, I have not considered cooling to much until Arma 3. My rig has high temp readings when playing this game. I really dont have a lot of knowledge when it comes to cooling my rig, I have several 120mm fans in case, 4 or 5 total, I have a large case, my question is what should I consider?

MOBO = asus m2n-sli deluxe

CPU = AMD phenom 9850 quad standard heat sink that it came with.

Graphics = 2 GTX 660 SLI

8 gigs ram
windows 7
1000wt power
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    The 212 EVO is the best heatsink you will find in its price bracket. If youw ant better cooling than that, I advise skipping the mid range and going straight to something like an NH-D14.
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