Samsung Pro 840 128gb - Is this acceptable performance?

Hi, I'm running a Samsung Pro 840 128gb and I feel that from looking at a few benchmarks / windows experience index ratings mine is a bit on the low side compared to others.

I'm getting a 5.9 on the disk data transfer rate score for windows experience index, while others with this drive seem to be getting closer to the high 7s.

I've also done a few benchmarks with as-ssd and the numbers seem on the low side compared to specs/what others have reported:

I'm running a mostly stock Sager np8130, except with the entry-level i7 instead of the i5. I've updated the BIOS recently and have also downloaded the latest chipset drivers. From the BIOS is also tells me that my card is in AHCI mode. Anything else I should check?
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    msahci means that you are using Microsoft's default AHCI drivers.
    Use Intel's latest AHCI drivers and see if that gives you better performance.

    Also, if you ran those 3 benchmarks back-to-back then you wrote about 15GB of test data to your SSD in a few minutes. You should reboot your pc to the login screen before you go to bed to allow TRIM and idle Garbage Collection to recover drive performance overnight.

    Try Option Three of this link to reset your WEI.
  2. Thanks Dereck47,

    I didn't do all 3 benchmarks back-to-back, but they were within an hour or so, as I tinkered around with a couple of things, so I still followed your advice and left my computer sit for a few hours at the login screen. I also downloaded the drivers you suggested and finally, reset my windows experience index. (I didn't realize you had to do it manually, very odd).

    Here are the results: [edited for posting the wrong screenshot]

    Looks a lot better on both parts, does that benchmark seem more in the range I should be getting?
  3. Your results look great. Your AS-SSD results indicate that you are getting 94.9% of advertised Reads and 93.7% of advertised Writes.

    Also, your 7.9 score in WEI is the maximum you can get in Windows 7 (in Windows 8 the maximum WEI score is 9.9).
  4. Awesome, thanks a lot for your help.
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