Screwing with monitor resolution/aspect ratio to try overclock it higher. What are your thoughts?

Hi all,

I am buying a second hand 22" 1080p monitor that I want to try overclock (very cheap and don't care if it breaks). I have a decent 27" IPS WQHD monitor that doesn't feel quite right for fast paced first person shooters. It looks perfect when playing but it doesn't feel 100%. Hard to explain. My thoughts are on high refresh rates of monitors so I want to try overclock an older type monitor to see how it gets on. I know most monitors won't get passed around 74Hz when overclocked. That is probably when they are at their max resolution. I am thinking of lowering the resolution to try get a higher refresh rate.

From looking at the manual it gives this information.

I don't really care about super detail graphics so I don't mind dropping the resolution but one thing that is important is the widescreen aspect ratio. As you can see from the monitor specs, the only high refresh rates happen at the lower resolutions which happen to be 5:4 & 4:3 aspect ratios (not widescreen).

Here is a diagram of the different resolutions and aspect ratio's.

I was thinking of creating a custom resolution of like 1440x800 as shown in the picture. This gives me a 18:10 aspect ratio with a lower resolution so i could try break the 75Hz refresh rate.

So my question is, what are your thoughts? Does anyone know of any major problem I will run into straight away. Can games even display custom aspect ratio's? Is that something set by the graphics card or is it inherently built into the game itself?

Thanks all.
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  1. BigMack70 said:
    non-native resolutions on LCD monitors look beyond horrible... it's the blurriest mess ever

    I dunno that you'll really have any problems with the games - most games can work with custom resolutions. However, IMO just save up and buy a 120 Hz screen.

    Its a good point but its not worth that much to me. If it the aspect ratio/overclock works that would be great, if it doesn't I will just stick with the 70-75Hz overclock. TBH its more curiosity that's getting the better of me at this stage. I like messing with stuff. LOL.
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