what does HPC - Core C6 State - IOMMU mode - C1E Support - SVM Mode - AMD Cool'n'Quiet DO?

I'm trying to Overclock my 8350 but i donno what are these in CPU FEATURES

Core C6 State
IOMMU mode
C1E Support
SVM Mode
AMD Cool'n'Quiet

ps. can anybody tell me in what range should i change NB Voltage and CPU NB Voltage in BIOS
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  1. ok since after 6month from the original post I know everything right now and the number of reads on the thread is more than 1000 i see the need to explain them myself

    in a nutshell for those who dont have the time to read them all
    I overclocked my rig in a stable manner, and have all the options Enabled except IOMMU mode & SVM Mode which are for virtual machines to work better and I dont need them

    in this case i dont have any problem with my overclocking, when im idle, the CPU Voltage goes from 1.4 to 0.999 which seriously helps ur bills
    and this effect comes solely from Cool'n'Quiet Enabled NOT Automatic, I tested it, Automatic wont do it, Just put it to Enabled

    Core c6 state let ur idle core to remain at c6 state which let ur cpu to consume less power concordantly less bills to pay
    HPC mode works very close to cool'n'quite and lower ur cpu's clock instead of its voltage which helps to have less need of Voltage
    C1e support works similar to HPC mode but it twiddles with the multiplier for lowering ur cpu clock

    note: these are not technical explanations
    I needed to know them,what they do so I put few hours surfing net to figure them out, therefore these information may not be 100% accurate they're just like wikipedia
  2. Thanks for your explanation ;)
  3. Old thread but... You're wrong William_90 especially about HPC mode... http://www.ronwoods.us/2014/02/what-does-amd-application-power.html
  4. you need to say which one is wrong and why and put it simply

    "you're wrong *throw a link*" is not what one's do in 21st century
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